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Gabrielle Salome Whitnall

Gabrielle Salome Whitnall

Reminds me of.. well, me.

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Gabrielle Salome Whitnall

Gabrielle Salome Whitnall

Also known as Kyttyn Briande

God is dead...

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...Or at least the "Voice of God" is dead. Don LaFontaine, voice-over artist extraordinaire, passed Monday, September first.

"Thunder Throat" had quite the sense of humor about his job, willingly parodying himself in commercials and during interviews - in one of which he stated that at age thirteen he "opened his mouth and Orson Welles fell out."

Your voice will be missed, Don.

Speaker upgrade


I finally got completely fed up with my computer speakers. So, I went out to the nearest place and picked up the cheapest set of 2.1 I could find.

Brand-new Linux system on the cheap


I recently discovered a few options for inexpensive "thin client" or basic desktop Linux systems on the cheap.

Sunday = spammers' day off?

It seems kind of odd to me that spam traffic as a whole for me is down considerably today compared to the rest of the week.

Have spammers decided to take the day off? Do they go to church or something? That would be odd, considering that spammers are generally considered to be the bastard spawn of Satan.

I'm not the only one..

It seems that others have the same problems I do composing at the keyboard.

Fellow Baen Barfly Jasini took Sarah Hoyt's advice and picked up a used Alphasmart.

Guaranteed to annoy


Man, I just hate those annoying little abuses of grammar in tv ads.

One of the biggest on my list is 'and it's guaranteed - or your money back!' Oh? What, pray tell, are you guaranteeing? If there's no guarantee info in the package, does that mean I get my money back? Come on, people.