I'm not the only one..

It seems that others have the same problems I do composing at the keyboard.

Fellow Baen Barfly Jasini took Sarah Hoyt's advice and picked up a used Alphasmart.

However, the most interesting thing I've seen to date is Khoi Vinh's BlockWriter concept. The idea is to create a user interface much like that of a manual typewriter. Your words are saved electronically just like with any other text mangling program, but you type into a one-way buffer. The only concession to editing is that you can strike out text.

The idea is that it forces you to move forward with your text rather than going back and tinkering with it, which should happen during the editing phase - after the text has been generated. So far, I have yet to see anything outside of Khoi's concept drawings, however. Here's hoping it goes cross-platform, eh?