Speaker upgrade


I finally got completely fed up with my computer speakers. So, I went out to the nearest place and picked up the cheapest set of 2.1 I could find.

I am heartily amazed at the sound quality. Here I am listening to Afro Celt Sound System's "Riding the Waves", which is definitely a good test of a system, and I'm just blown away with what these $19.95 speakers can do. The subwoofer is certainly well separated from the satellite speakers in terms of the crossover - one of the problems I had with the previous system was that the crossover didn't cut the midrange from the subwoofer, so it got muddied out. And, amazingly enough, I don't have to turn the bass all the way up to hear it, like most of my previous systems.

Of all things to gush over, this is a set of Insignia (Best Buy's house brand) NS-3099 2.1 speakers. I am utterly amazed. And not only that, but I was pleasantly surprised, upon unpacking the box, to find a headphone jack in the right speaker - a feature that I will certainly get plenty of use out of (I live in an apartment).