Building a carputer, part the first - GPS mapping

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I've been messing around, on and off, for the past couple years with the idea of building my very own carputer.

Originally, it was to be merely an mp3 server/player so I could listen to all my music when out on the road - especially on roadtrips, where there is often a fair distance between decent radio stations.

Well, recently the bug bit me again and I went out to re-evaluate the options available to people like me.

Thank you, Mr. Police Man


Thank you, Mr. Police Man, for nearly colliding with me on the freeway.

So there I was, cruising down the freeway on my way home tonight.

Heck, unlike some, I wasn't even speeding. Not that I could. My naturally aspirated diesel pickup certainly has a tough enough time maintaining 60 on flat ground (it was designed when freeway limits were 55, period). As always, especially with this being at night, I was keeping a good distance from others on the roadway and generally minding my own business.

What American accent have you?

What American accent have you?
(Thanks to cdozo for helping me waste 2 minutes of my time.)



This is my first attempt at a webcomic, so bear with me.

The wonders of bacon fat

I spent the day with a couple of friends, sort of an anti-holiday get-together. We-all went to catch a flick ("Deja Vu") and returned to gab, play with the cats and make burgers.

I've never done burgers this way before, and now I must wonder why.

You know of Emeril? Big chef on Food Network? Anyway, he often says that pork fat makes everything better. In this case, it is definitely true.

The host, and often cook of our little gang, proceeded to cook while us others were perusing Jonathan Coulton's music and some recent pet-based blog posts. He started by crisping up some bacon in a cast-iron skillet, pouring off a little of the fat and breaking up a couple pieces of the bacon into some fresh green beans. Then he griddled the beef patties in the remaining fat...

The ultimate 'locked room' mystery?


Okay, well, maybe, maybe not. I'm a fan of mystery-type tv shows, but not one of those that attempts to figure out the mystery in advance of the characters. As long as the answer's not obvious from the start, I'm fine.

Anyway, I've been watching The Lost Room on Sci-Fi, and I'm quite entertained by it. Peter Krause was an excellent choice for the lead. I'm glad Sci-Fi is getting serious about making real, interesting science fiction programming.

The 'i's have it...

I've always had eyes that other people found odd, because they change color with annoying frequency. On several occasions, two people would look at them and see different colors - one would see blue, the other, green, etc. I've even got a picture of myself with brown eyes.

Because of that, whenever I get my driver's license renewed, I don't tell them an eye color, I ask.

For many years, my license was usually marked blue.

Last time I got a renewal, they'd pretty much settled on green, and there they've stayed for years.

I got poked in the eye a little over a week ago, and to my annoyance, my eyes turned blue again (after the red went away).

Nardo Polo, Where Are You?

Back in 1990, there was an offbeat hit making the rounds on all the Top 40 stations by a band called '2NU'. The song was 'This is Ponderous'. A lovely little spoken-word number about some whacked-out dream. I thought it was wonderful.

I wanted more. But, the only thing I could find in the music store at the time was the single, with a sci-fi-sounding number called 'She' on the flipside.

Years go by, and things get forgotten. Until, sometime in the late 90s, I'm looking through the offerings at and, lo! I find not only this wonderous song from back in my youth, but more off the original album! Count Em Up Queek, DDS Blues, Spaz Attack... I'm in heaven!

Sometimes I hate SourceForge


One of the annoyances I have with SourceForge is that there is apparently no oversight in regards to categorization.

I'm browsing the Point-of-Sale category, and find variously:

  • Instant messenger
  • Invoice generator
  • Operating system (and virtual machines)
  • Software debugger
  • ISDN configurator
  • Mailing list (newsletter) manager
  • Slashdot-style CRM
  • Etc...

Ugh. How freakin' annoying.

On the bright side, it appears that the latest site upgrade deals quite cleanly with download mirror selection.

I have lived through 97 of these 158 things

*I stole this from author Sarah A. Hoyt. Commentary in italics - all mine*


  1. Put numbers in the boxes instead of x's (example: 1, 2, 3, 4, ...)
  2. Repost as "I have lived through ___ of these 158 things.

[1] I have read a lot of books.
[ ] I have been on some sort of varsity team.
[ ] I have run more than 2 miles without stopping.
[ ] I have been to Canada.
[ ] I have been to Europe.
[2] I have watched cartoons for hours.
[3] I have tripped UP the stairs.
[4] I have fallen down an entire flight of stairs.