Speaker upgrade


I finally got completely fed up with my computer speakers. So, I went out to the nearest place and picked up the cheapest set of 2.1 I could find.

Brand-new Linux system on the cheap


I recently discovered a few options for inexpensive "thin client" or basic desktop Linux systems on the cheap.

I wants me one of these


The Linux-based Nokia 810.

Full circle


I have a WatchGuard Firebox (the original model) that was picked up at a computer recycler after they were discontinued. They were special at the time for being an early corporate adopter of Linux.

Building a carputer, part the second - Open Source mapping

| |

Last time I talked a bit about what was available for me in the carputer market, but this time I want to delve a little more deeply into the Open Source mapping idea.

Building a carputer, part the first - GPS mapping

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I've been messing around, on and off, for the past couple years with the idea of building my very own carputer.

Originally, it was to be merely an mp3 server/player so I could listen to all my music when out on the road - especially on roadtrips, where there is often a fair distance between decent radio stations.

Well, recently the bug bit me again and I went out to re-evaluate the options available to people like me.

Sometimes I hate SourceForge


One of the annoyances I have with SourceForge is that there is apparently no oversight in regards to categorization.

I'm browsing the Point-of-Sale category, and find variously:

  • Instant messenger
  • Invoice generator
  • Operating system (and virtual machines)
  • Software debugger
  • ISDN configurator
  • Mailing list (newsletter) manager
  • Slashdot-style CRM
  • Etc...

Ugh. How freakin' annoying.

On the bright side, it appears that the latest site upgrade deals quite cleanly with download mirror selection.

Need to find an algorithm


I'm looking for an algoritm to help with the kiosk/point-of-sale project I'm working on.

I need to be able to allow customers to add an item to their order for free when they purchase a specific set of items.

Basically, a 'buy three get one free' scheme. Unfortunately, the requirements are such that the three items are not necessarily going to be the same thing.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Spam picking up again


Is this a seasonal thing? About a month ago, my daily email spams went from ~20 up to ~200.

Mind you, most of this is caught by various spam filters - some at the system level, and others at the client level, but still...

One I see happening more are 'bounce' spams -- that is, spam messages that are sent to one system with a forged 'from' email address, which is then caught by their spam filters, then 'bounced' to the address in the 'from' field.

System/email admins, please update your configurations -- If you have system-level spam filtering (and you should), set it up to reject spam messages at connect time.

Migrating from uw-imap to dovecot


So today I migrated my mail server. Fun, fun, fun. (Not.)

I got totally fed up with not being able to connect to the uw-imapd-ssl server I've been trying to use (since, after all, I'm using it on the old machine just fine). So after reviewing the options listed at, I decided to install dovecot.

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