Linux OS

Brand-new Linux system on the cheap


I recently discovered a few options for inexpensive "thin client" or basic desktop Linux systems on the cheap.

I wants me one of these


The Linux-based Nokia 810.

Full circle


I have a WatchGuard Firebox (the original model) that was picked up at a computer recycler after they were discontinued. They were special at the time for being an early corporate adopter of Linux.

Building a carputer, part the first - GPS mapping

| | |

I've been messing around, on and off, for the past couple years with the idea of building my very own carputer.

Originally, it was to be merely an mp3 server/player so I could listen to all my music when out on the road - especially on roadtrips, where there is often a fair distance between decent radio stations.

Well, recently the bug bit me again and I went out to re-evaluate the options available to people like me.

Migrating from uw-imap to dovecot


So today I migrated my mail server. Fun, fun, fun. (Not.)

I got totally fed up with not being able to connect to the uw-imapd-ssl server I've been trying to use (since, after all, I'm using it on the old machine just fine). So after reviewing the options listed at, I decided to install dovecot.

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