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Subterranean Press to publish ebooks through Baen's Webscription service

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September 7, 2007—Wake Forest, North Carolina: Baen Books is proud to announce that it has concluded a deal to release electronic versions of select Subterranean Press titles. The titles will be available both individually and as part of a separate Subterranean Press program available at Baen's e-publishing site,

Read the whole press release here.

Universe Explodes!


Jim Baen's Universe magazine premieres this month.

The first issue includes stories by Greg Benford, Alan Dean Foster, Elizabeth Bear, John Ringo and John Barnes; classic fiction by Mark Twain; articles by Jim Baen, Eric Flint and Travis Taylor -- and many more.

Plus, there's a section of the magazine exclusively for stories from brand-new writers.

Issues will appear six times a year as ebooks, with each one available electronically in a variety of formats with no copy protection (no DRM). One of those formats intended for printing!



Oh, what to write about? I know I should write something. I haven't written in a while now, and it's probably not a good habit for me to get into.

Well, here's an idea. How about a piece on publishing industry news?

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