God is dead...

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...Or at least the "Voice of God" is dead. Don LaFontaine, voice-over artist extraordinaire, passed Monday, September first.

"Thunder Throat" had quite the sense of humor about his job, willingly parodying himself in commercials and during interviews - in one of which he stated that at age thirteen he "opened his mouth and Orson Welles fell out."

Your voice will be missed, Don.

Sunday = spammers' day off?

It seems kind of odd to me that spam traffic as a whole for me is down considerably today compared to the rest of the week.

Have spammers decided to take the day off? Do they go to church or something? That would be odd, considering that spammers are generally considered to be the bastard spawn of Satan.

Guaranteed to annoy


Man, I just hate those annoying little abuses of grammar in tv ads.

One of the biggest on my list is 'and it's guaranteed - or your money back!' Oh? What, pray tell, are you guaranteeing? If there's no guarantee info in the package, does that mean I get my money back? Come on, people.

Thank you, Mr. Police Man


Thank you, Mr. Police Man, for nearly colliding with me on the freeway.

So there I was, cruising down the freeway on my way home tonight.

Heck, unlike some, I wasn't even speeding. Not that I could. My naturally aspirated diesel pickup certainly has a tough enough time maintaining 60 on flat ground (it was designed when freeway limits were 55, period). As always, especially with this being at night, I was keeping a good distance from others on the roadway and generally minding my own business.

The 'i's have it...

I've always had eyes that other people found odd, because they change color with annoying frequency. On several occasions, two people would look at them and see different colors - one would see blue, the other, green, etc. I've even got a picture of myself with brown eyes.

Because of that, whenever I get my driver's license renewed, I don't tell them an eye color, I ask.

For many years, my license was usually marked blue.

Last time I got a renewal, they'd pretty much settled on green, and there they've stayed for years.

I got poked in the eye a little over a week ago, and to my annoyance, my eyes turned blue again (after the red went away).

Sometimes I hate SourceForge


One of the annoyances I have with SourceForge is that there is apparently no oversight in regards to categorization.

I'm browsing the Point-of-Sale category, and find variously:

  • Instant messenger
  • Invoice generator
  • Operating system (and virtual machines)
  • Software debugger
  • ISDN configurator
  • Mailing list (newsletter) manager
  • Slashdot-style CRM
  • Etc...

Ugh. How freakin' annoying.

On the bright side, it appears that the latest site upgrade deals quite cleanly with download mirror selection.

Wrestling as science fiction?

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I recently discovered that the Sci-Fi Channel is going to be airing ECW wrestling.

What does wrestling have to do with science fiction?

A few of the press releases hail it as 'a good thing that will help increase viewership'. Well, I'll give you the increased viewership part, but a success for Sci-Fi? No.

The Sci-Fi Channel was started as a niche channel, specifically for airing shows in the science/speculative fiction market, which includes fantasy. Shows like 'The Outer Limits', 'Battlestar Galactica' and the like. Movies such as 'Alien', 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Bladerunner'. I haven't seen any wrestling in any of the sf/f novels or short stories I've read. Nor have I seen wrestling in any of the genre's movies.

Spam picking up again


Is this a seasonal thing? About a month ago, my daily email spams went from ~20 up to ~200.

Mind you, most of this is caught by various spam filters - some at the system level, and others at the client level, but still...

One I see happening more are 'bounce' spams -- that is, spam messages that are sent to one system with a forged 'from' email address, which is then caught by their spam filters, then 'bounced' to the address in the 'from' field.

System/email admins, please update your configurations -- If you have system-level spam filtering (and you should), set it up to reject spam messages at connect time.

I hate this day...

Yes, indeedy, it's 'rotate your clocks' time once again...

Why do I hate this time of year? Or, more particularly, the Sunday of?

Well, first off, there's the whole losing an hour of sleep every day thing that is particularly annoying. With both 'spring forward' and 'fall back', my rhythms fall totally out of whack, and it often takes me a week or more to recover.

Then there's the issue of not everyone choosing to reset their clock. So, about half the businesses, and half the channels on tv, are an hour off. This morning, the teriyaki place across the street didn't open until 11:30!! And then I had to wait three times as long for my order as usual, because—of course—they didn't come in a half hour before opening their doors to warm up the cooking surfaces. Every single one of their staff was late.

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