Nothing to report

The biopsy returned negative. The only thing they could find was an 'intradermal nevus' -- which is medical doublespeak for 'mole'.

Of course, I wasn't expecting there to be anything.

Biopsy time -- Yaaay!

I have all these multicolored splotches all over my body, that I've had since childhood, being some hodgepodge of Northern European ancestry.

Last week, I noticed that one of them decided to get hard and lumpy on me (interesting, as there hasn't been any *sun* lately), so the doc and I decided "better safe than sorry, that sucker's gettin' removed."

So now I've got this 3/16" hole about 1/8" deep on my arm... It wouldn't stop bleeding by itself, so it got stitched closed.

At least the novocaine worked.

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