What does one do with all the empties after the weekend-long party?


Why, recycle it, of course.

Building a carputer, part the first - GPS mapping

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I've been messing around, on and off, for the past couple years with the idea of building my very own carputer.

Originally, it was to be merely an mp3 server/player so I could listen to all my music when out on the road - especially on roadtrips, where there is often a fair distance between decent radio stations.

Well, recently the bug bit me again and I went out to re-evaluate the options available to people like me.

The fully automatic car, coming soon to a driveway near you.


It may soon be time for the truly automatic consumer automobile to arrive. Several major technologies that are necessary are here right now, in production and being offered to the public.

First, GPS. Yeah, yeah, no news here. Add a moving map display, route planning and a yellow-pages-like address book, and there you go. You can find one in just about all new luxury vehicles, and are available in many mid-level cars, too.

Add to that real-time traffic monitoring, via satellite or radio uplink.

Then there's the automatic cruise control, the first of which I have seen was in the 1985 Nissan Cue-X concept, but wasn't put out to the public until the oughts by Mercedes. Basically, it uses a range-finder to maintain a set distance following the vehicle in front of you, controlling both the throttle and the brake.

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