Speaker upgrade


I finally got completely fed up with my computer speakers. So, I went out to the nearest place and picked up the cheapest set of 2.1 I could find.

Nardo Polo, Where Are You?

Back in 1990, there was an offbeat hit making the rounds on all the Top 40 stations by a band called '2NU'. The song was 'This is Ponderous'. A lovely little spoken-word number about some whacked-out dream. I thought it was wonderful.

I wanted more. But, the only thing I could find in the music store at the time was the single, with a sci-fi-sounding number called 'She' on the flipside.

Years go by, and things get forgotten. Until, sometime in the late 90s, I'm looking through the offerings at and, lo! I find not only this wonderous song from back in my youth, but more off the original album! Count Em Up Queek, DDS Blues, Spaz Attack... I'm in heaven!

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